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Taking a “Statecation”

The beautiful thing about living in Arizona is the ability to take "statecations," or short road trips to unique towns near our major metropolitan areas.

The town of Willcox, Arizona is known for its roots in Arizona wine production. Willcox will be hosting its Wine County Spring Festival from May 18-19. The festival is ranked as one of the top ten wine events in the United States.

Another unique day trip southeast of Tucson is Bisbee, Arizona, which is noted for its breadth of architecture, ranging from Victorian to Art Deco. The whole family can enjoy both the mine tours and ghost tours. Stop off at the Old Bisbee Brewing Co. for a local root beer or Copper City Ale.

With many "Statecations" to explore in Arizona, it's not always far away destinations that inspire us but also ones found right out your front door.

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